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Phi Huynh is an award winner actor best known for his leading role in "OverCover" from the prestigious New York Urban Action International Film Festival.  Phi is one of the fewest leading Canadian Vietnamese actors in Canada. Before the 2020 pandemic,  Phi had completed a film tour in Toronto & Montreal then to Los Angeles showcasing his role in "Picking Things Up: Noi Lai Tinh Xua" at the famous Viet Film Festival.

He will appear next on Stephen King's "FireStarter" directed by Keith Thomas as well as Star Trek's: New Strange World in 2022. He is also slated to play the lead antagonist in a new Netflix Film (Africa) entitled "White Gold" directed by Neil Schell in Kenya, Africa commencing May, 2022.

Along side of his film performance selections and nominations, he has played network television principal roles in: Odd Squad (TVO Kids/PBS), V-wars(Netflix), Titans (Warner Bros), 2nd Generation (AmazonPrime TV), Salvation(SYFY), The Next Step S.3, Mayday Aircrash Investigation (Discovery) and Heroes Reborn(NBC).

Phi emphasizes the embodiment of physicality and what it takes to manifest a physical role. He possesses a traditional Karate Shorin-Ryu background, competitive gymnastics tumbling skills and stunt training. He speaks fluent English, Vietnamese and conversational Japanese. Through Acting, his goal is to inspire and entertain  audiences, bringing Asian representation and recognition to hard working stunt performers.

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Phi Huynh Actor- Red Carpet at Viet Film Fest - Los Angeles2019
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Phi Huynh Model - Ao Dai (Vu Viet Ha)
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Phi Huynh - Acting Reel
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Phi Huynh - Acting Reel

Phi Huynh - Action Reel 2022

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