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Toronto, Ontario Canada.


Agent: Emily Klama



Citizenship: Canadian
Languages: English/Vietnamese/ Basic Japanese


  • White Gold / Lead / Neil Schell

  • Star Trek: New Strange Worlds/ Actor/ CBS

  • FireStarter (2022) Theatrical Film/ Principal/ Keith Thomas

  • Titans - TV Series/ Principal/ Warner Bros. 

  • Odd Squad - TV Series / Actor / TVO Kids/PBS

  • V- WARS - TV Series / Stunt Actor / Netflix

  • Picking Things Up - Short Film / Lead Actor / PTU Productions & CBV Films.

  • SALVATION - TV Series (Actor) / Mayday Productions Inc.

  • Walking on Sunshine - TV Series  (Recurring) Bell Snackable TV

  • TAKEN - TV Series (Actor) NBC/ Particular Skills Prod. CN INC.

  • LUBA - Feature Film  (Principal Actor) / Purple Pants Productions

  • ROADMARKS - Short Film (Stunt Actor) / Deelen with Trouble Productions Inc.

  • Mayday: AirCrash Investigations - TV Series (Actor) Cineflix / Mayday 16-17 Inc.

  • 2nd Generation - TV Series (Recurring) /Amazon Prime/ DVUS Films.

  • Heroes Reborn - TV Series  (Stunt Actor) /GEP Heroes Reborn Inc.

  • The Next Step S.3 - TV Series (Principal Actor) / Temple Dance III Productions Ltd.

  • UFO Declassified - TV Series (Principal Actor) / Company X Studios

  • Hardcore Heroes - TV Series (Principal Stunt Actor) / Cineflix Productions

  • Paranormal Witness - TV Series (Principal Actor) /Cream Productions/Raw (UK)

  • Panic Button (USA) / Mindless Productions

  • The Last King - Feature Film  (Principal) / Titan Films Productions

  • Past Tense - Feature Film (Lead) / IndyRed Productions

  • AKIRA: Live Action Short Film S.W.A.T (Actor) Cinegrounds (QC)

  • Call of Duty: Operation Kingfish (Stunt Actor) / Secret Projects/Activision

  • SICK: Survive The Night - Feature (Stunt Actor) / Black Guardism Creations

  • 11 BLOCKS - Feature film (Stunt Actor) / Samo Films/Netflix


SEE S3- TV Series/ Eye on the Ball Studios

Mayor of Kingstown/ Paramount Studios/ Stephen Kay

What we do in the Shadows/ Hulu

The Boys / Sony Pictures

Blood and Treasure/ CBS

MIDWAY - Theatrical Feature / Dir: Roland Emmerich.

Man in the High Castle S.4 / REUNION MITHC2 Productions Inc.

Titans S.1 / Warner Brothers & DC Entertainment

ShadowHunters S2, S3 / Princessa Productions ltd.

EMERGEN-C Canadian National Commercial

Star Trek Discovery / CBS Studios

Taken S.2 Stunt Yakuza NBC/ Particular Skills Prod. CN INC.

Killjoys Season 3 - Stunt Hullen /KillJoys III Productions Ltd.

Incorporated - TV Series Stunt Double /CBS Television Studios Inc.

Heroes Reborn - TV Series Stunt Actor GEP Heroes Reborn Inc.


  • Advanced On-Camera Scene Study Bruce Clayton/Marvin Hinz/ Proactors Lab Toronto.

  • Masterclass Acting - Sophie Ann Ronney - RAW Actor Studio.

  • Specialized Honors B.A Theatre York University

  • Acting Drill Class Lewis Baumander Acting Studios

  • Audition Technique Nahanni Johnstone

  • Scene Study Frank Caruso (Toronto Academy Acting for Film & Television)

  • Academy of Dramatic Stage Combat John Stead/Kara Wooten/Steve Wilsher

  • Horse Combat Riding/Tricks/Mounted Combat Steel and Steed Stunts Workshop Toronto.

  • Stage Combat (York University) Simon Fon

  • Stunt Stage Level 2 Advanced Geoff Meech/Chris Di Meo

  • Voice Lopa Sircar/ Tom Bradshaw

  • Gymnastics/ Acrobatics/ Trampoline - Gym Giants Olympic Training Centre

  • Shorin Ryu Karate Thanh Dung Nguyen -Nguyen's Martial Arts

Live Stage and Charity Work

  • MLSE - Toronto Raptors Half Time Entertainment.

  • Toronto Marlies Halftime show at the Ricoh Collesium

  • Kingsmen: The Golden Circle Live Action Show at Taste of Danforth 2017

  • Assassins Creed Live Action Show at Taste of Danforth 2016

  • The Expendables 3 Live Action Show at Taste of Danforth 2013

  • Cavalcade of Lights 2015

  • Sick Kids Hospital/ Sick Kids Foundation

  • CANAAF (Canadian Alopecia Areata Foundation)

  • West Humber Regional Hospital Charity work

  • TD Bank sponsored shows, Toronto Night Markets/ Night it up

  • Kollaboration Toronto - For Youth Empowerment

  • (Best Known for Street Fighter Cosplay performance, YOUTUBE's front page in 2007)

  • Vietnamese Assocation Toronto (VAT)

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